Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Youth Garden Project 6-15-2011

Today was the first day where we had a chance to interact with the children during the summer school. Once the children arrived I had a chance greet them as they got off the bus. I personally think that this program can be very beneficial to the children in the Tuskegee community. I think this program allows the children to gain work ethic, and a chance to experience things that they would not normally have a chance to experience.  I think that the allowing the children to spend time with positive role models. Today I did not have a chance to interact with the kids as I planned, but I did have the opportunity to work with my peers.  We decided to move the plant boxed from one side of the farm to the other side so that we could run a water line to them. I am excited to see what the future holds because today we made the decision to grow different types of flowers in the plant boxes. Today gave the the seniors a chance to bond with each other. I look forward to an eventful summer program with my cohorts and the children.

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